the best equipment for content creation on the go


If you’re a busy entrepreneur creating your own content like we are, you’ve likely wondered what the best equipment might be to help you create that content even when you’re on the go. You’re in luck! After 4 years of full-time content creation for all aspects of our business, we’ve learned a thing or two. Here are the best pieces of equipment for content creation to help you elevate your content, but won’t slow you down:

  1. Smart phone: Honestly, smart phones take great photos and video. In a pinch, your smart phone will do the trick. Beware of the audio though when taking video! More on that later 🙂
  2. Action Camera: Cameras like the GoPro or DJI Osmo are fantastic for when you need to capture content in adventurous locations or let’s be honest, in the rain in the office parking lot. Our suggestion is the GoPro Hero 9. It takes great quality video, is compact, and won’t break the bank.
  3. Main Camera: Think of this camera as your mainstay or go-to for all of your content creation. We highly recommend the Canon EOS M50 for its versatility and reliability. It won’t take up too much space in your bag, it records in 720, 1080, or 4K (note: is is NOT full-frame), it is mirrorless so it’s not as heavy as a DSLR, and this camera is like the Honda of the camera world, it is truly a workhorse.
  4. Microphone: No camera has great audio capture capability, in fact most are downright awful. It’s essential to have great audio. We recommend external shotgun mic like the Rode VideoMicro for smart phones and compact cameras like the Canon M50. The audio quality is fantastic and the space it takes up is minimal. For a bit more of an intimate setting experience like an interview, we recommend a lavalier mic like this Movo Wireless Lav Mic System, perfect for your main camera or smart phone.
  5. Gimbal or Stabilizer: If you’re always moving, chances are you’ll need something to stabilize your shots so we can avoid motion sickness when we view your content 🙂 Gimbals like the DJI Osmo for Smartphones are perfect for just that, smart phones. You’ll need something a little larger like the DJI Ronin-SC for your main camera.
  6. Tripod: A tripod is essential especially when you’re filming alone. Fortunately this Joby Gorillapod Kit will flex to keep your smart phone or camera focused. Literally, you can wrap it around a tree branch if you need to.
  7. Storage: Where are you going to put that gorgeous content!? You need a memory card that has plenty of space and write speed to handle those video files. We highly recommend the SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB cards. Pro tip: stock up on a few. Life happens and you might find yourself needing a backup, just in case.

We have either tested or used each of these products extensively and may earn a commission should you choose to purchase any of these products through the links provided. Now, get out there and get creating!


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